Amplification en Studio : Mike Fantom and the Bop a-tones

Pyt a laissé entrer Mike Fantom and the Bop a-tones dans Amplification en Studio. Ce groupe de wild rockabilly nous jouera un morceau énergique entrecoupé des interventions de Pyt. Attention, c’est chaud, ça sent la baston dans Amplification !

Mike Fantom and the Bop a-tones

The Bop a-tones are a 4 piece band from Belgium sprouted from a long time friendship between Michel « TEXAS »Texier (the Tigermen) and Patrick Ouchene (the Domino’s & Runnin’ Wild), with only one goal in mind: PLAYING REAL AUTHENTIC 50’s ROCK AND ROLL while reckoning with drummer Pascal Lunari (Sneaky Freaks ) and Bart Crauwels (Wild Deuces ) on double bass This band has a proven track record to throw down a wild and powerful live show with desperate rock and roll. Their set list is drenched with obscure late 50’s songs and a touch of Link Wray. This raw sound of pounding drums, slapping’ bass and screaming guitar smothered with the voice of Mike Fantom WILL haunt you all night long ’till the wee morning hours…

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